RQM is the result of decades of experience in the field of lifts and elevators, electronics and telecommunication. The key to its development and products is the concept of TELEMONITORING.

The founder and general manager of RQM, engineer Mr. Lars Odlén, held management positions at international senior management level in one of the largest companies of the lift sector, and has been running businesses in the M2M sector for many years.

The current managing director of RQM is Rudy Charlier. A lift specialist since 1984, Rudy worked for 16 years as technical advisor of a large international lift association. After that, he has worked as an independent lift expert under his own brand, which is still active. Parallell to that, he served as expert of the internal lift system of the largest Belgian bank, and managed one of the largest lift parks in Belgium.

Telemonitoring is the new frontier, which makes it possible to inspect and analyse lift conditions, service and maintenance at a distance.

RQM offers products to building owners, building managers, and maintenance companies; enabling them to follow in real time the status and functioning and performance of each lift.

RQM in the World

RQM-countries-full-mapRQM LiftLogs have been installed in several countries (see map; click to enlarge). Customers include managers and owners of office buildings, social housing buildings and residential buildings, as well as lift expert consultants and maintenance companies. LiftLogs are also monitoring lifts in hospitals and universities.

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