What is the difference between the LiftLog™ and a telealarm?

The European norm EN81-28 requires a telealarm system so that people trapped in a lift are ensured a voice connection with a call center. A telealarm is a voice communication system, and provides no information about the lift. Our LiftLog™ is a monitoring system, which provides information about the use and functioning of the lift. The LiftLog™ is not accessible from inside the lift, and is in no way related to the security/safety of the elevator.

What is new about the LiftLog™?

The LiftLog™ is a 100 % independent system available at a low price. It is compatible with all lifts, brands and models makes it unique on the market today.

How can I order a LiftLog™?

Visit this page to send us your request; we will revert to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, give us a call at the following phone number:+32 (0)486 / 533 646

Can the LiftLog™ be used on all lifts (regardless of brand, type or age)?

Our LiftLog™ is completely independent from manufacturers and fully compatible with any brand, type, or model – regardless of age.

My lift functions well. Why would I need a monitoring system on top of it?

As a landlord, it is not easy to provide proper information to the tenants. RQM can provide you with previously inaccessible information about your lift(s). This information is based on real time facts that are reported automatically. This means that there is no human intervention, hence very little room for errors. The LiftLog™ also provides information about the maintenance, and might allow you to renegotiate your maintenance contract. Why should you pay for eight, nine or ten maintenance visits per year if your lift(s) are running well? Possibly 3 visits per year of 1 hour could be better than 12 visits of 10 minutes?

Is the LiftLog™ quality certified?

The LiftLog™ is certified by TüV SüD, one of the biggest certification organizations. Tüv garanties that the LiftLog™ cannot impair neither the functioning nor the safety of the lift.(according to the lift directive 95/16/EC, Annex V part.A).

As a landlord, I need to trust the maintenance company is doing the service properly. Why would I need to install the LiftLog™?

You may fully trust your maintenance company, but what if you could keep better track record? If your lift is running well, why should you pay for a preset number of visits per year? Maybe the number of visits can be adapted to the real usage of your lift(s)? If your lift is not performing well, why is this so? Is the maintenance company providing the right service, at the right time? The LiftLog™ gives you trustworthy information, which you could use in future negotiations.

As a maintenance company, I already follow my teams at every step during their working day. Why would I need to install the LiftLog™?

As a maintenance company, proposing the LiftLog™ to your clients is a way to make a difference and show your transparency! Too often, maintenance contracts are sold on price alone, since it is very difficult to sell on quality. With the LiftLog™, you can make the difference by proving that your company delivers an honest service, and on time.

As a landlord, could I discontinue my subscription at any time and how?

RQM proposes you an automatic renewal contract under the same contract, terms and conditions, provided that all parties have the right to terminate by giving notice. By doing nothing, the contract renews automatically. To end the contract with RQM, send us a written notice by registered mail three months prior to the renewal date of the contract.

If the lift has stopped, how do I know about it?

If the lift stops running, the LiftLog­™ will report immediately. This will enable you to take the required actions with your maintenance company before any tenant starts complaining.

What if the LiftLog™ is out of order?

If the LiftLog™ is out of order, there is a built-in alarm allowing us to detect it quite soon. We will then react as soon as possible to fix the issue.

How can I use the diagrams, charts and text reports I receive every month?

RQM will give you a quick training session on how to access your reports and diagrams, as well as how to read them. Written guides are also available on the Reporting Dashboard My RQM. Data is provided as graphs and charts in an easy and understandable way. If more information is required, you could ask RQM for a “tailor made” analysis.

Do I still need a telealarm system?

Alarm systems are mandatory since 2003 by the regulation EN81-28. Your lift has to be equipped with an emergency telephone. Our LiftLog™ is not an emergency telephone, but a system providing supervision and monitoring.

Large manufacturers already provide a similar system. What’s different about the LiftLog™?

Indeed, many large manufacturers already provide a similar monitoring system to the LiftLog™, but with the important difference that theirs are compatible only with their respective brand and models, and are often expensive.

Do the lift manufacturers approve of the installation of the RQM system on “their” equipment?

The maintenance company is responsible to keep your lift safe and functioning. Therefore their understandable reaction is not to allow any connections onto the lift. However, an honest maintenance company is bothered by competition offering lower prices by cutting corners in quality. The LiftLog™ allows for the owner to judge the quality difference, hence rewarding quality over price. Lift maintenance companies would value the possibility to show the difference in quality, not only in price.

RQM encourages owners to involve their lift maintenance companies in the installation of the LiftLog and in the sharing of the lift’s performance data, with the intent to create a win-win situation of better functioning lifts at a lower cost.

How is the installation of the LiftLog™ carried out?

The installation is always performed by a certified RQM technician, so as to ensure zero infringement on the safety or functioning of the lift. Read more about the installation procedure here.

What type of information does the LiftLog™ collect?

The LiftLog™ registers:

– traffic information, such as door movements, car runs and their duration

– irregular events, such as the pressing of the emergency button, or the lift going out of service

– machine room events, via movement detection and the pressing of a maintenance button

For a complete list, click here!

Can the GSM communication from the LiftLog™ disturb the functioning of the lift?

The LiftLog™ is approved by German TUV and meets European EMC regulations. Further, the LiftLog™ is placed outside the controller cabinet which acts as a Faraday cage, blocking radio signals. If the technician can use his GSM telephone in the machine room without disturbing the lift, there is no risk that the LiftLog™ would cause any disturbance.