The LiftLog service

With our LiftLog service, we offer a flexible and highly extensive reporting service. We use high-end technology and modern software to compile visual reports that efficiently display the status and performance of your lift and its maintenance. Read more about our offering here!

The LiftLog™ unit:

The RQM tele-monitoring product - the LiftLog™ - is a small metal box, which analyses various signals emitted by the lift. For a technical description, click here.

The communication:

The customer will receive login details to access RQM's customer portal My RQM. Here, all reports will be available at all times, along with a real-time view of the latest lift events.

RQM also provides, at a small extra fee, a notification system that allows the customer to find out if a lift goes out of order. Depending on the customer’s preference, these alerts can be provided via both email and text message (SMS).

The collected data and the reports:

The LiftLog™ sends raw messages based on various lift events. In the RQM database management system, the messages are filtered and organised into detailed reports. In an RQM standard report, clarity is a top priority. Starting with a colour-coded performance overview, it gradually narrows down to lists of single, time-specified events. To read more about RQM reports, visit this page.

Why LiftLog?:

  • Adapt maintenance to the use and specific needs of the elevator
  • Identify lifts with recurring problems
  • Provide information to tenants
  • Show potential new tenants that the lifts work well and are supervised
  • Avoid discussions about the quality and functioning of the lifts with tenants or other parties
  • Save money through more precise contracting and follow-up of the performance of your service suppliers
  • To find out more, please visit this page.