Here follows a list of which information the LiftLog™ is capable of collecting:

Traffic information:
  • Number of runs
  • Duration of runs
  • Number of door movements

  • Irregular events:
  • Lift going out of order
  • Lift back in service
  • Power losses
  • Power returns
  • Pressing of the emergency button
  • Sending of EN81-28 phone calls
  • Detection of movement in the machine room
  • Presence of a service technician, via pressing of a service button
  • Detection of tampering with the LiftLog™

  • Events with duration:

    RQM has implemented a series of algorithms to determine the duration of certain events without post-processing. These are:

  • Duration of a power loss
  • Duration of an out of service period
  • Total downtime of a lift
  • Duration of a maintenance visit, determined by movement detections
  • Duration of a maintenance visit, determined by the pressing of the service button
  • Maintenance response time following a period of downtime