The LiftLog Service provides a range of solutions for improving the performance, management and maintenance of your lifts.

Be sure to take a look at a couple of real-life examples highlighting the benefits of equipping your lifts with LiftLogs:

CASE: Energy Consumption | CASE: Emergency Telephone

Here are some other areas where the LiftLog Service can provide the necessary tools for improvement. Feel free to print or download the leaflets!

  • Adapt your maintenance contracts to real needs -->
  • Benchmark your lifts -->
  • Check Key Performance Indicators -->
  • Determine the need for repairs or upgrades -->
  • Facilitate legal compliance -->
  • Increase quality by awareness -->
  • Increase the lifetime of your lifts -->
  • Know where the problems are -->
  • Manage group traffic -->
  • Reduce vacancy rate -->
  • Verify complaints -->